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The Operating Context

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The 2012 Olympics and Paralympics Games was a once in a lifetime opportunity to raise the profile of sport and generate enthusiasm for individuals and communities. At the same time the value of sport and physical activity’s contribution to the public health agenda is clearly evidenced if not automatically embraced. Increasingly the contribution of sport to the economic development agenda is being explored – community sports provision and activity contributing to the culture and the quality of life in an area as well as the skills and personal development that can accrue through participation in sport, as part of the voluntary sporting workforce, or the growing employed workforce.

Living Sport needs to adapt to the changing economic landscape and build a vibrant mixed economy business model. The funding landscape is not only in a tougher place in terms of reduced investment, but is also undergoing significant change and transformation. Living Sport’s activities are being influenced by a new focus on commissioning and loans rather than grants, with donors expecting better value for money, improved monitoring and evaluation, a stronger evidence base for activities all against a backdrop of increased competition for a reduced funding base.  Living Sport as with all County Sports Partnerships and indeed many other organisations and sectors needs to position itself to take advantage of these trends by developing a broader revenue base and new sustainable income streams to provide stability and long-term security. Partnership building, new delivery models, and an entrepreneurial approach will inform Living Sport’s responses to these opportunities.

Living Sport is addressing these challenges by:

  • Seeking to realize the value of its charitable status through donations, gift aid, charitable donations and campaigns in aid of the Living Sport Charity, which has included charity fundraising challenges undertaken by Chief Executive Simon Fairhall’s London to Paris Bike Ride and Rebecca Gilbertson’s (Disability Sports Coordinator) first wheelchair half marathon
  • By engaging more extensively with the commercial sector offering a range of partnerships to suit corporate social responsibility and commercial opportunities, for more details visit Partner with us
  • And creating more internal efficiencies.
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