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About our Board

The Living Sport Board is currently made up of 9 Trustees with Simon MORRIS the Chairperson.  The Trustees are:

Eric WINSTONE – Appointed to second term, of 3 years, November 2017.  First appointed September 2015.

Simon MORRIS – Appointed to first term, of 3 years, November 2017

Mick WOOLHOUSE – Appointed to first term, of 3 years, November 2017

Val MOORE – Appointed to first term, of 3 years, November 2017

Alan PAIN – Appointed to second term September 2015.  First appointed September 2012.

Ben SEDGEMORE – Appointed to second term September 2016.  First appointed September 2013.

Teresa WOOD – Appointed to first term, of 3 years, 2016

Carol GRONOW – Appointed to first term, of 3 years, 2016

Sue DOUGAN – Appointed to first term, of 3 years, 2016

The Deputy Chair is to be elected

The Senior Independent Trustee is Alan PAIN

The Living Sport Board has identified a number of Board Champions to support important work areas.  These Champions for Safeguarding and Equality & Diversity Champion are Eric WINSTONE and Val MOORE; Whistleblowing Champion – Alan PAIN.

There are 3 Sub-Committees of the Living Sport Board.

The Audit & Assurance Committee, with a membership of Trustees Eric WINSTONE, Carol GRONOW and Val MOORE and some coopted members who are not Trustees – including representatives of our Auditors, Rawlinsons

The Remuneration & Nominations Committee with a membership of Simon MORRIS, Teresa WOOD and Mick WOOLHOUSE, with former Trustee Trevor GIBSON continuing to support to see the implementation of some work he led on.

The Business Development Group – which is also the Board of the Living Sport Services Community Interest Company – has a membership of Ben SEDGEMORE (Chair), Simon MORRIS and Mick WOOLHOUSE with two Independent Directors in Sarah PAVELEY and Gary ATYES.

The structure and operation of the Board and Sub-Committees is according to the terms of the Living Sport Memorandum and Articles of Association and a Living Sport Board Handbook including such details as Terms of Reference.  A copy of the Board Handbook is included below.

Through 2016-2017 the Living Sport Board met as follows:

30th November 2016 – where it considered the new UK Code for Sport Governance and Living Sport Stakeholder Mapping and agreed the appointment of Simon MORRIS as Chair and Mick WOOLHOUSE as a Trustee.

30th January 2017 – which was a Board Awayday facilitated by Gerald COTEMAN

5th April 2017 – which reviewed the report from the Awayday and agreed a Trustee Skills Audit.  This meeting also approved the Living Sport Strategy 2017-2021.

12th June 2017 – which considered and approved the Audited Accounts of Living Sport 2016-2017 following a presentation from our Auditors Rawlinsons [and also considered the Accounts of Living Sport Services CIC and Living Sport Services (Coaching HQ) Limited 2016-2017]

9th October 2017 – which was another Board Awayday which considered the role of Trustees both in terms of compliance as well as supporting the development of Living Sport

29th November 2017 – which approved the Board Handbook encompassing the requirements of the UK Code for Sport Governance and received a report on the work of Press Red to build Living Sport granular understanding of Cambridgeshire & Peterborough.

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