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Living Sport Charity

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Living Sport has been a registered charity since 2007, our charity number is 1124122.

Living Sport receive significant funding for a number of their projects. However, as a charity Living Sport do a lot of work that does not always get recognised such as the work we do in the disability sector, our club development work and the Community Small Grant which we all offer under our umbrella as a charity.

We offer young people the chance to experience sports participation in a competitive environment by supporting and developing school competition.

We develop leaders and coaches providing training and support to our amazing volunteers who ensure the survival of our junior and senior sports clubs across the county. And we support those local clubs with funding and offer opportunities for them to grow and sustain.

We are developing the next generation of volunteers and coaches providing training, education and work opportunities for young people ensuring our sports infrastructure will be here for future generations to enjoy.

The aim of the Living Sport Charity is to provide opportunities for people of all ages and abilities have the chance to access, participate and excel in sport and healthy activity.

Most importantly we work with clubs, schools and other organisations to ensure children, young people and vulnerable people are safeguarded and protected within sporting environments and that the quality of the sport and physical activity is delivered is of the highest quality.

By supporting Living Sport as a charity, together we can make a difference, we can transform the health and sporting landscape of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough and change lives. To find out more about how you could support Living Sport contact us at info@livingsport.co.uk

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