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Living Sport Services

Living Sport Services Community Interest Company (CIC) and Living Sport Services (Coaching HQ) Limited are trading as subsidiaries of the charity Living Sport. The three make up a group.
Companies House describes a CIC as a special type of limited company which exists to benefit the community rather than any private shareholders and it does this by the inclusion of a ‘community interest statement’ which explains the purpose of the business, which needs to be approved by a CIC Regulator, and an ‘asset lock’ promising that all assets will only be used for its social objectives.

Living Sport Services CIC registration number is 7645977. Living Sport Services is governed by a Board operating as a Sub-Committee of the Charity Board of Trustees, with a majority of the members appointed from this. The Chair is Ben Sedgemore with Mick Woolhouse and Simon Morris, joined by two independent Directors, Gary Atyes and Sarah Paveley.

Living Sport Services (Coaching HQ) Limited is a Company Limited by Guarantee (Company Registration number 9450901) with Simon Fairhall as the sole Director, in his capacity as Chief Executive of the charity, and Living Sport Services CIC the corporate member to fully tie the company into our group structure.

These trading companies enable the exploration and delivery of new business development opportunities which support the main charity purpose, whilst protecting the charity status. Any and all surplus accruing through the successful operation of these two companies is either reinvested into the development of this company or is donated to the charity Living Sport.
The focus of Living Sport Services CIC is the delivery of our events – currently the Greater Cambridge 10K, the Living Sport Sports Awards, our Training HQ programme of Safeguarding, First Aid and other courses.
The focus of our work for Living Sport Services (Coaching HQ) is coaching, especially with Schools.
For information about Living Sport Services CIC or Living Sport Services Coaching HQ please contact Claire Thorby at claire.thorby@livingsport.co.uk or call on 01487 849923

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