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Active Lives Survey

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The Active Lives Survey, which runs 365 days a year, has been running alongside the Active People Survey during 2015-2016, and from October 2016 the Active Lives Survey fully replaced it. It asks people aged 16 and over across England about the sport and physical activities they take part in. Details of the Active Lives Survey can be found here.

Results will be published twice a year and the year 1 report of the Active Lives Survey, which was published on the 26th January 2017, can be read here. Page 17 of the report allows you to click through to the data tables where you will find data for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough and the individual Local Authorities.  Key statistics include:

  • INACTIVE – The number of adults who do less than 30 minutes of moderate intensity sport and physical activity per week
  • FAIRLY ACTIVE – The number of adults who are fairly active but don’t reach 150 minutes a week (i.e. do between 30 and 149 minutes per week)
  • ACTIVE – The number of adults who do 150 minutes or more of moderate intensity sport and physical activity a week, meeting the guidelines recommended by the Chief Medical Officer
  • The most popular types of activity

In line with the Government’s new strategy for sport and physical activity , many different types of activity are now included, reflecting the full range of what people actually do. In addition to sporting and fitness activities, the new survey measures the levels of walking, cycling for travel and dance. Sessions are only included in the figures if they are done at least at ‘moderate intensity’, which means raising your heart rate and getting a little out of breath.

Active People Survey

The Active People Survey is the largest ever survey of sport and active recreation to be undertaken in Europe. It provides by far the largest sample size ever established for a sport and recreation survey and allows levels of detailed analysis previously unavailable. It identifies how participation varies from place to place and between different groups in the population. The survey also measures; the proportion of the adult population that volunteer in sport on a weekly basis, club membership, involvement in organised sport/competition, receipt of tuition or coaching, and overall satisfaction with levels of sporting provision in the local community.

The questionnaire was designed to enable analysis of the findings by a broad range of demographic information, such as gender, social class, ethnicity, household structure, age and disability.

Active People Survey 10 ran from October 2015 to September 2016. Key participation figures reported are:

  • 1×30 participation in sport (sport once a week for 30 minutes or more)
  • 3×30 participation in sport and active recreation, formerly NI8 (sport and active recreation three times a week for 30 minutes or more).

The latest findings from the Active People Survey were published in December 2016 and can be found here. Living Sport have written a summary of the headlines for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough which you can read here, and the raw data for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough can be found here.

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