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Local Sport Profile Tool

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The Local Sport Profile tool has been developed by Sport England to help local authorities in England generate an up-to-date profile of their area. The profiles were introduced in 2010 and most recently updated in August 2016 to include data from the latest Active People Survey results. The tool provides information all in one place, including:

  • Demographic data
  • Health data – including the health costs by five disease categories defined by the World Health Organisation as having some relation to physical inactivity
  • Data on participation in sport and active recreation (3×30, formerly NI8)
  • Data on once a week (1×30) participation in sport – now from age 14+
  • Market Segmentation
  • Facilities data with regional and national comparators
  • CIPFA’s nearest neighbour comparators
  • Economic performance data (sport related businesses)

Most recently, it has been developed in to a web based tool allowing users to customise their own local sport profile by:

  • viewing the full local sport profile, or tailoring the profile by selecting particular themes and indicators
  • selecting up to ten local comparators, including nearest neighbours, and the regional and national figures for comparison

The data is taken from a variety of sources including the Active People Survey, Active Places, Department of Health and the Office of National Statistics .

This data is fundamental to local authorities and other partners involved in developing and delivering physical activity opportunities in their communities. It can be used to inform strategic planning and demonstrate the value of sport and physical activity to other sectors, for example public health.

You can download the Local Sport Profile here.

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