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Coach Development

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This page will give you different sources of information regarding coach development from courses to online coaching tools. We also have a Talent Coaching section for those coaching along the talent pathway in your sport. Scroll down to find out more.

Living Sport run a programme of courses designed to develop, up skill and refresh you, the active coaches on the ground. In order to make sure we are meeting your needs, we want to hear from YOU as to which courses you want, would value, have heard about or can’t get on to elsewhere!

Living Sport’s Training HQ programme runs a number of courses including those mandatory for all UKCC accredited courses e.g. Safeguarding and Protecting Children and Emergency First Aid. Training HQ also looks to run courses that meet the identified development needs within the county; courses they want and need.

Living Sport also offer FREE Training Needs Analysis (TNA) sessions for all coaches. We can help with a wide range of things, from helping plan career paths to updating CV’s or freshening up session plans. This is a great opportunity for coaches of all ages and experiences to enhance their coaching, so why not take advantage today!?

Please contact our Projects Officer (Coaching), Joe Notarnicola. Telephone: 01487849922, Email: joe.notarnicola@livingsport.co.uk.

NGB Qualifications

In order to become a coach, it is vital to gain the relevant qualifications. Each National Governing Body (NGB) of sport develops and runs coaching courses in conjunction with the UKCC to ensure the quality of their courses. The UKCC works with NGBs to supports the development, endorsement and continuous improvement of governing body of sport coach-education programmes.

The level of qualification required is dependant on the coaching role you have. In general, an assistant coach must hold a level 1 qualification and should coach under the supervision of a more experienced and qualified coach. A coach must hold a level 2 qualification or higher to coach on their own, although this varies in certain sports. Most sports will also require attendance at Safeguarding and Protecting Children and Appointed Person First Aid courses.

If you are unsure what qualifications you need or would like some advice, Please contact our Projects Officer (Coaching) Joe Notarnicola. Telephone: 01487849922, Email: joe.notarnicola@livingsport.co.uk. Alternatively, check out the NGB website for the sport you are interested in.

Coach & Officials Administration

Once you have your NGB accredited qualifications, or before your course is complete, there is a very strong chance that you be required to attend Safeguarding and Protecting Children and Appointed Person First Aid courses to supplement your learning. These courses, both of which are valid for 3 years, are run on a monthly basis by Living Sport at 3 different locations across the county.

Our first aid courses consist of two 3 hour sessions which will provide you with a First Aid certificate equivalent to Health & Safety Executive Emergency First Aid for Appointed Persons and will be delivered by experienced sports practitioners.

This workshop includes:heart attack Free Digital Photos stockimages

• Assessing an incident
• Demonstration of resuscitation
• Advice and guidance tailored to your needs

This workshop covers the very basics of first aid. It will provide you with knowledge of how to assess an incident, and what to do next. There are demonstrations of resuscitation and other techniques to deal with injuries such as sprains and strains, bleeding and head injuries.

The Safeguarding and Protecting Children course is a one off 3 hour session.

The workshop includes:

• Identify the foundations of safeguarding, good practice and child protectionSafeguarding Children
• Describe the different categories of child abuse and recognise the signs and symptoms of each
• Provide you with knowledge of how to take appropriate action if concerns are raised

This workshop focuses on good practice to protect the child and the coach in a sporting environment. This is a prerequisite for any NGB coaching qualification and upon completion you will receive a nationally recognised certificate.

Please check our Events & Courses page for details on upcoming courses. To book a place on a course, please call Living Sport on 01487 841559 or email info@livingsport.co.uk.

Coaching CPD Events

We know how important continuous professional development is to you as a coach. Our role is to listen to the coaches of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough and understand what they would like to know more about. We can offer a wide range of CPD events to those who are keen to develop their coaching knowledge. If you have any ideas for CPD events or workshops that are important to you, please contact Joe Notarnicola, email: joe.notarnicola@livingsport.co.uk. To view our current CPD events, please visit our Events & Courses page for further details.


Living Sport has a number of Sportplan licences for coaches in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. Sportplan is an online coaching tool that allows you to view session ideas, create you own and chat to other coaches through the Living Sport forum. You can even go mobile with Sportplan so you never have to use that folded up plan in your pocket again! We are offering a licence valid until November 2018 for just £12. Please be aware that it isn’t a first come, first serve. We are looking at individual applications to make sure we are selling them to the right coaches. For further information about the Sportplan licences, please contact Joe Notarnicola, Project Officer (Coaching) at joe.notarnicola@livingsport.co.uk or 01487 849922. To download an application form, please click on the link below. sportplan

Living Sport Sportplan Licence Application Form

Talent Coaching

We want to support every type of coach here at Living Sport and we can’t forget about those looking at talented athletes. We believe that working with all coaching abilities will allow us to build a stronger cohort of Cambridgeshire sports coaches. For talent coaches, we are aiming to put on a series of workshops for you. These workshops will be designed to test your current knowledge and expand your thinking, hopefully developing your skills further. We have also introduced our ‘Talent Base – Cambridgeshire & Peterborough’ Facebook group. Here we have discussions on topics of interest, post coaching experiences, receive information in regards to talent, and much more. If you are interested in joining Talent Base, please click HERE.Talent Base Logo - FB




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