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Are you interested in some paid coaching? Or looking for a highly skilled coach?

COACHING:HQ is a brand operating under Living Sport Services CIC, providing high quality coaching across a wide range of sports to partners within the county. The vision is to employ coaches who are highly qualified in their respective sports, enabling the company to ensure the delivery of sessions will be at a high standard and the participants will gain more knowledge and skills. Coaching:HQ deal with all the paperwork so that finding a coach for a client is quick and easy and fits the requirements of the clients needs.

Coaching:HQ has been set up to provide solutions to 4 big problems:

  • Finding Coaches for organisations in the County who need coaches
  • Finding opportunities for Coaches looking for more work
  • Providing training for coaches to continue to develop
  • Providing a legally compliant payroll service for Coaches and our Partners

As well as this, there are many other benefits to working with Coaching:HQ. We don’t just offer coach deployment, we also look to develop our coaches and help them in any way we can. One of the ways we do this is by hosting coaching breakfasts, where coaches from across the county get together to discuss any issues they might have, as well as a speech from a guest concerning a specific coaching area. Check out the Coach Development pages for information on other ways we develop our coaches.

For any company or business interested in using Coaching:HQ to help find the perfect coach, visit the Coaching:HQ pages of our website here.

So if you are a qualified coach interested in some paid coaching, or looking to hire some high quality, reliable coaches, please contact Claire Thorby on 01487 841559 or email Claire.thorby@livingsport.uk

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