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Volunteers (V:IP)

Volunteers: Important People or V:IP for short is a Living Sport project to support and develop volunteers across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

We want to help Sports Clubs at the heart of their local community, to enable them to contribute to the local health agenda and to benefit from working with local education and voluntary and community sector partners. This can only be done by focusing on the Volunteers. Without the army of volunteers up and down the county, grass root and community sport simply wouldn’t exist. There are volunteers behind the scenes at every sports club, event or activity from the coaches to tea makers, chairman to social secretaries; these are the people that make things happen, be it big or small contributions they all count.

In our extensive engagement with Sports Clubs the need for more volunteers to help them deliver their programmes is a primary concern. From our 2017 Training Needs Analysis Survey, 75% of Sports Clubs that Living Sport has engaged with recently cited lack of volunteers as an issue. Highlighting that it is often coach,  committee and regular officiating roles that are difficult to fill rather than one-off event volunteering.

To be able to help, we are able to point clubs towards the Club Matters resource from Sport England. Club Matters supports clubs by providing information on various club related topics such as finance management, club management and marketing to help those volunteers who run the club. We also have access to their workshop if we identify a demand. To access the Club Matters website, click HERE.

Are you interested in volunteering?

Sport relies on millions of volunteer officials, coaches, administrators and managers, and without these committed volunteers, sport wouldn’t happen and sport clubs could not function. People volunteer at all ages, with many different skills and from every sector of society, so if you’ve got some time to spare and have an interest in sport; we hope you’ll get inspired to get involved in sport in your local community.

If you are looking for regular volunteering opportunities please think about contacting one of your local sports clubs or look at www.do-it.org.uk which is a comprehensive database of volunteering opportunities which is updated by the Volunteer Centres.

V inspired Cashpoint is funding that allows volunteers to apply for up to £500 to run a community sports project. vInspired’s Cashpoint gives you the power (and the money) to bring your own community project to life. Applications are simple just tell them what great change you want to make and how your project clearly benefits others; and you could get up to £500 to make it happen.

Did you know….

You can get Time Credits for volunteering hours and spend your credits in lots of different ways. You might not have realised, but Time Credits are being earned and spent all over the country. You could be part of a network of over 16,000 people and hundreds of organisations who give their time to their community. To find out how time credits work and how you could spend your time credits across the East Region take a look at the Brochure. Or contact the Cambridgeshire Facilitator Yannick Auckland- yannickauckland@justaddspice.org or on 07429 438383, website: www.justaddspice.org, Twitter: @CambsTimeCredit

Managing Volunteers

Managing volunteers isn’t always easy but the secret behind every successful sports club is a network of motivated people fulfilling key roles. Most clubs need more volunteers and there are a number of things your club can do to find more volunteers and help keep the volunteers you have motivated.

  • Have a Club Volunteer Coordinator – who can manage your volunteers and recruit new ones
  • Know exactly what volunteers are required for your club to operate – this can help you recruit further volunteers, as you will know what skills are required.
  • Advertise locally, in leisure centres, local shops and post offices or with your local volunteer centre outlining the roles that you need.
  • Develop the volunteers you already have – It’s important to talk to your volunteers and check they are happy with their roles and how they are being managed.

For advice contact Claire Thorby, our Volunteering lead at Living Sport at claire.thorby@livingsport.co.uk.

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