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Without the army of volunteers up and down the country, grass root and community sport simply wouldn’t exist. There are volunteers behind the scenes at every sports club, event or activity from the coaches to tea makers, chairman to social secretaries; these are the people that make things happen, be it big or small contributions they all count.

Whether you have an occasional hour during the week or plenty of time to give there is a club or an event that has a volunteering opportunity for you. Even if you are not sporty there’s always something you could do. Opportunities are out there to complete and take on social media responsibilities, look after the sports club finances, organise the next fundraising event or a role to generate a more vibrant community sports club.

If you are running a sports club generating a welcome and rewarding environment at your club or event is not just the case for participants in sport but also needed for new and existing volunteers. Motivating and sharing the value placed on volunteers across your organisation will result in an easier recruitment process in the future and successful events. Volunteering can be enormously rewarding and can create a great sense of satisfaction, achievement and positive impact immediately after the completion of the task or role the volunteer has completed.

Living Sport has received funds from Sport England to support the development of volunteers in a number of ways. Volunteers: Important People is a series of pilot projects looking at news ways to support, train, recruit and reward volunteers. To find out more about the project that will be initially running through 2016 click here

Living Sport is developing a database of volunteers who are seeking to get involved with local sporting events and organisations. To be part of the database please complete and return the Volunteer Database Data Protection Statement

For more information on volunteering and how to get involved locally contact Joe Notarnicola at joe.notarnicola@livingsport.co.uk or on 01487 849922.

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