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Managing Volunteers

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Managing volunteers isn’t always easy but the secret behind every successful sports club is a network of motivated people fulfilling key roles. Most clubs need more volunteers and there are a number of things your club can do to find more volunteers and help keep the volunteers you have motivated. Do you:

  • Have a Club Volunteer Coordinator – who can manage your volunteers and recruit new ones to your club
  • Know exactly what volunteers are required for your club to operate – this can help you recruit further volunteers, as you will know what skills are required for each role and also identify tasks which aren’t being done
  • Advertise locally, in leisure centres, local shops and post offices or with your local volunteer centre outlining the roles that you need – Although it may seem rather formal, this will enable volunteers to be comfortable with their role and more likely to stay for longer. It also helps the club to have a clear structure for how it should operate.
  • Develop the volunteers you already have – It’s important to talk to your volunteers and check they are happy with their roles and how they are being managed. Check that volunteers know what is expected of them and be sure they know what they can expect from you. Do they want to do something different, more varied? or require more guidance or feedback from the club
  • Reward your volunteers, this could be as simple as a thank you a t-shirt or paying for training to up skill a volunteer. It could be a club award night or why not nominate for them for a Living Sport Monthly V:IP Award

Volunteer Centres can put people in touch with clubs who need volunteers and you can advertise your vacancies on www.do-it.org.uk

For advice contact Joe Notarnicola, our Volunteering lead at Living Sport at joe.notarnicola@livingsport.co.uk.

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