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School Games Volunteering


Official at a 2017 School Games competition.

The School Games are a Sport England funded programme designed to give young people access and experience of competitive sport. The games provide 4 levels of activity, from an intra-school competition all the way through to a national level event. This means that every child is able to experience competition, regardless of their experience, talent or ability.

As part of the School Games we run a volunteering project that incorporates a variety of roles for example, officiating, coaching or team management. The programme gives aspiring coaches, teachers and sports professionals the opportunity to get experience within the youth sport environment. Participants in the programme will learn new skills, as well as adding valuable depth to a CV. We will also support the development of coaches by providing additional training opportunities as deemed fit by the volunteers.

Volunteers are asked to commit a minimum of 12 hours to the School Games, through a series of events which you can pick according to your schedule.

If you would like to apply for the volunteering role then please click here to access our form.

If you have any questions, or would like to learn further information then please contact Tom.Oliver@livingsport.co.uk.



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