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Coaching Bursary – Berenice’s Story

Berenice Pardo Zolezzi has been one of our successful candidates to receive funding through our Coaching Bursary programme. Berenice achieved her Leadership in Running Fitness (LiRF) qualification earlier this year.

Berenice says:

‘I did the couch to 5 k beginners block with my club and saw how important having the support of a group and a leader was. I joined the club committee and they thought that having someone who had been a beginner recently, would encourage other beginners to keep going. ‘

‘I had not been a leader before; but the club could cater for more people for sure. The amount of beginner runners were getting low, however having a leader run with them even if the others had already finished helped to keep them coming back!’

‘It’s nice have the feeling that you are part of someone’s decision and motivation to change into a healthier lifestyle!’

To find out more about the ‘Let’s Run Girls’ group in Cambridge, visit their website: http://letsrungirlscambridge.uk/

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