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Cross Sport Talent Workshop Report from Monday 3rd April

Our first Cross Sport Talent Workshop was a huge success on Monday 3rd April. 14 talent coaches came together from sports such as Archery, Badminton, Equestrian and Cricket for a high level discussion on talent topics at the University of Cambridge Sports Centre. We spoke about the following topics which were contested, questioned and commented on by those from different sporting backgrounds giving views from their sports:

- Parental Influences,

- Coaches mind set in the talent arena,

- Present vs. Future Success,

- One Sizes Fits All Coaching and,

- Athlete growth and development.

Paul Hall, our guest speaker was brilliant in facilitating the evening and ensuring all the coaches thought about the topics thoroughly. Paul was then on hand to give us some expertise into performance level coaching with a Q&A session and revealing his thoughts on the current coaching and sporting issues. A very good insight indeed from someone in his position.

All in all, the coaches found the¬†workshop very informative and believed it was a very good networking event to meet others from various sports. Conversation didn’t drop in the hall once.

Hopefully it will inspire those coaches to keep progressing their athletes further because as Paul said, ‘it just takes a crazy athlete with a crazy coach to win Olympic gold!’

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