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Coaching Older People Workshops

We are committed to developing the workforce to deliver quality physical activity, especially around working with older adults. Alongside partners we have a number of courses and workshops to ensure coaches and facilitators are able to ensure older adults have a great experience. Some of the courses and workshops are listed below, and if you want to register interest around any of these courses please click here. If you have any further questions please contact Rebecca Evans: rebecca.evans@livingsport.co.uk or 01487 841559 ext 329

Older People CPD – This 3 hour workshop is ideal for anyone who is either a sports coach / facilitator or involved in an organisation trying to increase adult participation levels. Some of the topics covered are listed below:

  • The aging process
  • Age appropriate warm ups/cool down
  • Understanding medication and the effect on exercise
  • Pre exercise health questionnaires and the implications on practice

This workshop will be tutored by Simon Hanna, a Clinical Exercise Specialist for the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT).

If you wish to attend this course then please complete the form here.

Rabble – Join the playful, wellbeing movement that is sweeping the nation, Rabble has been designed to make physical activity the highlight of the day. It’s designed to foster teamwork and to allow a wide range of exercise principles and motor skills. Rabble is suitable for all age groups. This training is focused on beginner’s level games. The course is separated over two days, one day around delivering Rabble sessions and another on specific older people adaptations. Following the instructor training you will sign up to Rabble and get support to run your very own sessions for more information visit the Rabble website.

If you are interested in attending the Rabble course, please complete the form here.

Walking Sports

The popularity of walking versions of competitive sports is growing and we already have many walking sports opportunities across the county.

Walking sports do not have the high impact or strenuous level of activity that standard versions of the same games require so are an ideal opportunity for people to return to sport, recover from an injury or simply play the sport they love at a slower pace. Walking sport is open to all, offering an opportunity to do some exercise and also enjoy the social benefits of sport.

Living Sport is working with key NGB’s to develop the local workforce in the county, to develop skills and relevant experience to deliver the sessions within club settings, open spaces and sports centres.

Walking Basketball Activators Course - The purpose of the WBUK Activator course is not to teach coaches how to coach. The course highlights include how to lead, enthuse and promote activity, with an emphasis on empathy and WBUK beliefs on how to deliver safe and enjoyable Walking Basketball sessions. The course would be suitable for ex-players, sports coaches, community workers, and sports centre staff. For more information on Walking Basketball visit Walking Basketball UK

Walking Cricket Activators Course – The purpose of the ECB’s Walking Cricket Activator course is to get a feel of the game of walking Cricket, and not coach Cricket.  While Cricket knowledge is useful, it is by no means essential for this form of the game; a background in health and social care is a useful skill to have, to be able to develop a walking Cricket session for the target audience. The course would also be suitable for ex-players, sports coaches, community workers, and sports centre staff.

If you are interested in attending either the walking cricket or basketball course, please complete the form here.

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