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Capital Funding

If you are looking for funding for building work on sports or community facilities this is described as capital funding.  There are a variety of opportunities for this locally which are introduced below, and then a number of national sources which are also referenced.

However, competition for these funds are extremely high.  A popular source is Landfill Communities Fund.  These are grants available from landfill site operators to offset some of the negative impacts for those communities living in the vicinity of landfill sites.  Your project has to be within a certain distance of a landfill site to qualify – 5 or 10 miles.

There are also a number of rules that you will need to consider to determine when best to apply:

  • Funders will want to know that your project has a good chance of securing all the funds necessary before they confirm a grant award. Indeed some funders will not award until this is actually confirmed (the term ‘funder of last resort’)
  • If you are successful with an application to funds from this source you have to pay to the organisation giving you the grant 11% of the value of that grant. This is not deducting 11% off the amount you have been awarded, but having the funds available yourself to pay this amount!
  • Landfill Community Funders often have a requirement that any funds granted are spent within a set timescale, which can be within 3 – 6 months of the award so again the timing of your application will need to be carefully considered.

But Living Sport can help you consider these different challenges.

The amounts you are likely to ask for, for capital projects are high and therefore you need to be prepared to provide a lot of information to the organisation you are applying to.  Having planning permission and a lease for a good period of time into the future are often prerequisites, whilst you will need to include with your application detailed information about your planned project in terms of specifications, quotes, building regulations.

You will also need to have a strong case for your project – a clearly identified and strong need, a fit with local priorities (eg a local Strategy, or a Parish or Neighbourhood Plan), and a good level of consultation with users and potential users (the local community).

In Cambridgeshire and Peterborough there are the following Landfill Communities Fund opportunities:

Mick George Community Fund.  This fund is managed by Grantscape and offers grants of between £5000 and £50 000, although securing the full amount is rare.  Projects have to be under £100 000, unless by invitation.  There are two funding rounds each year.

Amey Community Fund.  This fund is managed by the Cambridgeshire Community Foundation and offers grants of between £10 000 and £40 000.  To start you need to submit an Expression of Interest form and if this is supported then work up a full application.  There are a number of application deadlines through the year.

Biffa.  This fund won’t fund sports facilities but will fund things like clubhouses if there is wider community access.  You can apply for between £10 000 and £75 000 but your project overall must be less than £200 000.  This fund is managed by the Wildlife Trusts.

WREN.  The FCC Community Action Fund.  Projects have to be within 10 miles of landfill sites at Dogsthorpe, Buckden and Milton, and applications can be for between £2000 and £50 000

On another page we have included information about the Sport England Community Asset Fund.


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