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Cambridgeshire County Council Cycle Legacy Small Grant Fund


Cambridge is known across the country as the UK’s capital of cycling and the county as a whole has a high usage of bikes for sport, leisure and commuting.

Next July, the third stage of the Tour de France will start in Cambridge on Monday 7 July.  Competitors will leave Parkers Piece to cycle through the City streets before travelling to London via the beautiful countryside of South Cambridgeshire.

This will be an exciting time for the County with many groups and organisations hosting cycling linked events throughout the summer.

Helping you celebrate the race coming to Cambridgeshire in 2014 

To celebrate one of the biggest annual sports events in the world coming to the county in 2014, Cambridgeshire County Council has agreed to provide small grants to assist local groups and organisations create linked activities or events.

Your celebration event must be inspired by cycling or the race.

We would like you to design and deliver activities within your community that involve and inspire people to help create a lasting and positive legacy.

Each grant will be up to a maximum of £500 and additional funding or support in kind will be expected.

Events and activities could be inspired by:

  • The history of the race
  • The changing design of bicycles over the years
  • The use of bikes in everyday life
  • The design of the modern racing bike and the materials used
  • The diversity and range of different cycle competitions
  • The culture of France

We want you to generate your own ideas, but here are a few examples that may inspire your thinking:

  • Organise a community event e.g. annual village cycle ride, a family cycling relay, a cycling tour around local places of interest
  • Organise a display of bikes and riding gear from an historical period.
  • Arrange an inter village or inter club cycle event/race
  • Screen a cycle related film
  • Create a cycling related dance and perform it locally
  • Host a cycle coaching/training session
  • Assistance to make a cultural event cycle themed
  • Arts, sports clubs and societies joining together to celebrate hosting Stage 3 in a unique way.
  • Organising activities at existing community events e.g. a family cycle race, a parade of historical cycles with appropriate clothing, host a cycling demonstration e.g. BMX
  • Cycling related art, education or learning project, for example using old bikes to create a sculpture, fence or gate; using the French language imaginatively; making a film or exhibition linked to France, the race  or cycling
  • Arrange arts workshops to make cycle themed banners, bunting or flags to dress your village on the 7th July or at the village feast or fete
  • Use plants to create a cycling themed flowerbed on the village green, traffic island or care facility.


There are three application deadlines for the Cycle Legacy Small Grant Fund:

17 January

7 March

11th April

A small selection panel will make the final decision on awarding grants and applicants will be notified within 10 working days of the three deadline dates.


Events or activities can take place anytime from 1 May to 30 September 2014

You must demonstrate a clear link to cycling coming to Cambridgeshire in 2014.

If successful, 80% of your award will be paid in advance of the event/activity.

A final payment of 20% of the grant total will be paid on receipt of the final report.

Only one award can be made per event/activity.

Proposals must benefit local communities in Cambridgeshire and the awards panel will be looking for legacy and sustainability.

A short illustrated report on the funded activity with full financial breakdown, participation figures and any pictures or films capturing the activity will be required after the event.

The Cambridgeshire County Council logo must be used on all publicity materials in acknowledgement of the funding.

Important Note:

Schools are not able to apply.

We are not able to fund events for commercial gain.

We are not able to support events which are solely arranged for fundraising purposes.

Please complete the application form below and return by email or post prior to any of the three deadline dates with the subject line: Cycle Legacy Grant 2014


The Official ‘Tour de France’ website: www.letour.com

Route details the Cambridge to London Stage 3: www.letour.2014stage3.com

Local information:     www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/letourstage


Cycle Legacy Grants Guidance Application Form