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Local Business Support

We are lucky that in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough there are a number of businesses that have funding opportunities for community groups. This ranges from being strong supporters of sport with some sponsorship funds available, through to often time phased wider community (but including sport) schemes established as a means to funnel the significant number of approaches that they get asking for support.

Look at the various schemes available and identify the most appropriate one for you – being local to the business in question is often a determinant for support.

Foremost amongst all the businesses is probably Mick George and you can see their extensive support of local sport on their website, which includes their regular ‘Skip of Gold’ scheme available across the whole of our area  – Apply Here

Cambridge Building Society have an annual giveaway ‘Cash for the Community’ operated in partnership with the Cambridge News

BGL Group offer sponsorship for community sport local to their offices, which for our area is Peterborough

Persimmon Homes have a monthly scheme available to groups close to their housing developments

A good number of companies also run their schemes through the Cambridgeshire Community Foundation as you can see when looking at their A-Z of funds page,

Then there are the supermarket schemes:
The Tesco Bags of Help Scheme is operated like a grant application process through Groundwork

Green Tokens and short application forms in local stores is the way that Waitrose and Asda operate their schemes, selecting new groups every month

Sainsbury’s have a vote to select a charity of the year for their stores

Whilst the Co-op operate slightly differently with their Local Community Fund

Finally under this heading are then schemes like that run annually by Aviva 

For these latter schemes the application form is often the easiest bit – to secure the monies you want you will need to galvanise your club or group to shop in the particular store and drop tokens in your box; or vote for your project online.

Good Luck.

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