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Stepping Stone

Stepping Stone is a sport inclusion project for people aged 14+ with additional needs. The project aims to help people gain entry into regular sporting activity, through the provision of information, support and/or financial aid to help them get going. The project can also help clubs and coaches gain access to specialised training to allow them to safely support participants with additional needs join their club activities. Participants must be able make the commitment to attend an eligible sporting activity regularly and demonstrate their ability and commitment to self-fund the activity on an on-going basis.

Stepping Stone will work with individuals to help find a suitable sport for them, whether this be as an active participant, coach, official or even administrator. But this can only be done with the support of local sports clubs and organisation, so the project also offers advice and funding to clubs to support gaining new members with additional needs.

For more information or to register your interest, contact Rebecca Gilbertson at rebecca.gilbertson@livingsport.co.uk or contact 01487 849929

Stepping Stone is funded by Cambridgeshire County Council and Sport England. The programme is delivered by Living Sport

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