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Inactivity Workshop on Monday 24th April – What we discussed

Monday evening’s workshop saw us explore the possibilities and opportunities of delivering sport and physical activity to inactive young people.

The workshop focused on what impact physical inactivity can have on young people and the reduced health risks physical activity can influence. It is common knowledge that physical activity is good for you, we looked closer at specific health benefits and how some young people’s lifestyles do not all gain maximum benefits from being physically active.

We explored the national insight produced by Sport England to support the rationale behind targeting inactive young people. This gave us a robust understanding of young people and their behaviours towards being active. This differed between a range of personalities, with different connections and attitudes towards activity.

The workshop then looked to apply the national insight around youth personalities to project design principles, to tailor delivery towards inactive young people. Project design is important to engage with new audiences, which can influence the sustained behaviour of young people towards remaining active. We want more young people to remain active and experience the benefits that can influence both physical health and mental health.

Together with the components above, connecting to your audience can be the gateway to changing behaviours.  We explored how effective communication is a key element to engaging with young people. Through a closer examination of the personalities, we were able to understand how to young people engage with different types of messages through social media, peer groups and advertising.

The workshop finished by connecting these components to create a platform that puts young people at the heart of project design, hopefully contributing to the decrease in physical inactivity.

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