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Nathaniel Edwards, St. Ives Cricket Club – Volunteer of the Month for May

Nathaniel has been a member of St. Ives Cricket Club since the age of 11. He has worked his way through the young set up and now regularly plays adult cricket. He saw a need for the club to move into the 21st century with its operations and since March, Nat has been setting up the clubs new club management system, Clubbuzz. After months of campaigning to the committee to turn to a club management system, the club decided to go cashless and put everything on an online system to better track the finances and team selection. It even produces a brand new club website! Nat has worked tirelessly to make sure the system was live before the beginning of the 2017 and he has succeeded in moving the club forward.

It hasn’t happened without its glitches but Nat and the committee has overcome them and with the support from the club Treasurer, all systems are go and the club is finding the system very easy to use. Fantastic work from a volunteer trying to make a difference in his club.


If you would like to nominate someone for the good work they have been doing in your club, please see our Volunteer of the Month page. The Volunteer of the Month award takes place every month and nominations for the month are open from the 1st day to the last day of that month. Remember to put as much detail into the nomination as possible and make your nomination sing.

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