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High Quality Coaching

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Sports Coach UK, recommend the following qualifications be requested of any coach engaged to work with Primary Schools:

  • UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC) Level 2 Coaching Qualification
  • Certificate in Safeguarding and Protecting Children (expiration 3 years)
  • Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recognised First Aid qualification (expiration 3 years)
  • Appropriate Insurance cover should also be in place.

In addition, it is desirable to have Coaching in the Curriculum, Behavioural Management and a Multi-skills qualification. These minimum criteria are also identified by Youth Sports Trust with specific emphasis on coaching in a curriculum environment.

See Sports Coach UK School Sport Coaching Guidance for Primary Head Teachers: click here.

Another consideration when engaging with a coach to deliver in your organisation is their employment status. Visit Coach Employment Status for some more information on HMRC employment status. It is essential that your coaches are set up correctly so that you are not at risk of being liable.

Living Sport, as part of their commitment to coach development, regularly deliver workshops and training in the identified minimum standards. We will be running a comprehensive programme of events designed to meet the needs of those coaches locally that are interested in continuing their development and becoming the best coach that they can be.

Living Sport also run a coaching agency, Coaching HQ through which they deploy coaches into primary schools. Ideally the coaches would work with teachers and offer curriculum support but we also offer coaches for after school clubs and PPA time.

For more information please visit Coaching HQ or contact Chris Whitfield on 01487 849912 or email chris.whitfield@livingsport.co.uk

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