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School Sport Partnerships

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In Cambridgeshire and Peterborough there are 5 School Sports Partnerships (SSP’s) each offering membership packages with varying levels of support. For more information please contact:

Cambridge School Sports Partnership

For all information on school sport in Cambridge from profiles on the different school sport families and their coaches, to details on school competitions and registered clubs that link to the partnership contact the following:

Partnership Manager: Cath Heron, cath.heron@btinternet.com Telephone: 01223 242931 ext 267 / 07944 320121

Partnership Administrator:  Lisa Woolfe, csspadmin@netherhall.cambs.sch.uk  Telephone: 01223 242931 ext. 267

Website: www.cambridgessp.com

Hunts School Sport Partnership  

The Hunts School Sports Partnership is made up of 68 schools in the West of Cambridgeshire. The Partnership Development Manager (PDM) Sue Ager has responsibility for managing the Partnership.

The Partnership has a member of the PE department, a School Sport Coordinator (SSCO), from each of the partner secondary schools released for two days a week to work with their family of primary schools.

These schools consist of the feeder primary schools to each secondary school. Within each primary school there is a teacher who has responsibility for PE and undertakes the role of the Primary Link Teacher. They liaise between their school and the Partnership to access opportunities for their school.

Partnership Manager: Sue Ager, sa@hinchbk.cambs.sch.uk

Administrator: Helen Churchman, Huntsssp@hinchbk.cambs.sch.uk

Telephone: 01480 375700 Ext 5707

Website: www.huntsssp.org

Peterborough School Sport Partnership

For more information please use the website below which has information on the schools and sports involved, as well as useful contact information on staff in the partnership an up-to-date news from the sporting calendar.

Partnership Manager: Andy Philips, APhillips@stangroundacademy.org  Telephone: 01733 821430 Ext 5795

South Cambridgeshire School Sport Partnership

The South Cambs School Sports Partnership (South Cambs SSP) works with and supports the young people and staff within 45 primary schools, 9 secondary schools and 1 special school in the District of South Cambridgeshire. Our vision is that all young people should receive high quality Physical Education (PE) lessons as well as have access to an outstanding range of extra-curricular sport and physical activity opportunities.

To help achieve this we provide a range of services to schools including in school support through our primary PE specialists, high quality sports competitions, training courses for school staff, balanceability training, sports roadshows and many opportunities for sports leadership and volunteering.

For further information please view our website or get in touch via the details below:

Partnership Manager: Claire McDonnell, cmcdonnell@combertonvc.org

Administrator: Vicky Jonas, sspadmin@combertonvc.org

Telephone: 01223 265470 Ext 225

Website: www.scssp.co.uk

Witchford  School Sport Partnership

Partnership information on schools in East Cambridgeshire and Fenland areas from sport news to details on the members of the partnership including local coaches, in addition to details on job opportunities, courses, events and clubs linked with the Witchford associated schools at can be found by contacting the following:

Partnership Manager: Di Baker, DBaker@witchfordvc.co.uk

Administrator: Claire Murfitt, cmurfitt@witchfordvc.co.uk

Telephone: 01353 662053 Ext 165

Website: www.witchfordssp.co.uk

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