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Benefits of a Satellite Club

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…for clubs and NGBs

  • Recruit new members and, regular, weekly participants
  • Build loyalty, retaining members for longer
  • Reduce the drop off in participation amongst the 14-25 year old age group
  • Create new opportunities to recruit volunteers and leaders
  • Reach further into the local community
  • Encourage the long-term sustainability of the club

…for satellite club hosts – education establishments

  • Create new links with community clubs and increase school and college access to a range of new partners
  • Raise the profile of the school or college within the local community
  • Maximise the use of school and college facilities and potentially generate income
  • Offer new sports, formats and opportunities to students and the local community
  • Create new avenues to deploy young leaders into the community club

…for participants

  • Sport on their terms – the right sporting experience delivered at the right venue at the right time
  • Take part in sport with friends in a similar, more informal environment
  • Discover and improve in a new sport
  • Take on coaching or leadership roles

What helps a Satellite club succeed?

  • Convenience – Young people want to receive sport in a way that suits them
  • Product – appropriate and suitable for the target audience (NGB hybrid products perhaps).
  • Environment – The more informal or more social feel combined with taking part in a familiar environment
  • Workforce – A coach or leader’s ability to interact with young people of this age group is as important as their coaching qualification
  • Mindset – a community club have to see the satellite club as a true extension of the hub club
  • Competition – when appropriate
  • Consultation with young people (what to put on and how to develop sessions/the satellite club)
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