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What is a Satellite Club?

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Satellite Clubs are extensions, or outposts of community sports clubs which are establishing in a new venue, usually a secondary school or college and specifically target the 11-25 age group

Satellite clubs may have a range of different objectives, determined by local need and insight, examples of which include:

  1. Increasing the existing community club capacity due to high levels of demand
  2. Branching out into a new community or creating activities for young people at evenings & weekends
  3. Broadening the scope of what a club can offer to attract a wider range of young people to the club
  4. Focusing on opportunities for specific groups, such as disability sport or age/gender specific sessions (this may be helped by a varied membership rate for the satellite club compared to the hub club)

Key features to a Satellite Club are……

  1. Based locally (but within geographical proximity to hub club)
  2. Open to all across the community
  3. Run regularly (weekly)
  4. Held at a time when the young people in the community can access the new provision
  5. A clear community club
  6. Run by community clubs coaches


  1. An after school club, school sport club or change 4 life sports club
  2. Simply taster sessions delivered by a club coach after school or during curriculum time (School to Club link)
  3. Delivered by school staff
  4. Open to participants from the school or college site only
  5. A new club with no link to a hub club
  6. A club that only delivers sessions during term time
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