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Criteria for Funding

Year 6 Living Sport Priorities  

Whilst a key priority for the Sportivate programme is that all participants should be inactive – those young people who, when registering with Sportivate state that they are not participating in sport once per week, Living Sport will also be giving priority to projects which are focussed on the following:

  • Women and Girls
  • Young people aged 19-25 years
  • Disabled young people.
  • In the Fenland district

For Year 6, priority will also be given, where relevant, to clubs who have been involved with our Your Club Matters Programme or those who have undertaken a Living Sport Club Audit.

In addition, in order to receive funding from Sportivate, your project must meet several of the requirements listed below.

  • Activity must target 11-25 year olds
  • Activity must run for 6 weeks
  • Each session within the activity should be around one hour in duration
  • Activity to target young people who are not participating regularly in sport in their own time (semi sporty)
  • Activities should match as well as generate demand
  • Sessions can take place at any time during the day
  • Participants within the sessions should be coached or led and community focused
  • Activity must lead to a local exit route or sustainable session (i.e local sports club/participant funded continuity)
  • Activity must be a new initiative or demonstrate additionality over current provision
  • Organisations, and their delegated delivery bodies must meet minimum operating standards (further information available on request)

Eligible and ineligible costs

Sportivate funding can be used in a number of ways. To help give an idea what are eligible and ineligible costs see the guidelines below:

Eligible Costs Include: Ineligible Costs Include:
Staffing to deliver projects Overheads -storage of equipment, insurance etc.
Expenses for volunteers Retrospective activities
Hire of facilities Items purchased before funding is offered
Transport Statutory items
Marketing of Sportivate activities Building or refurbishment costs
Administration Costs Projects that have no clear sustainable exit route
Equipment (up to 20% of total funding request) Purchase of vehicles
Items with poor value for money

For more info please contact Tom Harwood Telephone: 01487 849913, Email: Sportivate@livingsport.co.uk

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