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How to Market Your Sportivate Project

Sportivate projects should be aimed at those who are not currently participating in sport , therefore you need to market your Sportivate sessions effectively in order to engage them. Below we provide some useful hints and tips on how to market your Sportivate project to encourage greater participation.

Promoting your Sportivate project is about telling people what you can offer them. It’s really important to spend time planning your promotion, thinking about who you are targeting and how it fits into your overall club strategy. You can then consider how you can market your club.

A plan will help you stay focused and organised. You will find your marketing is more likely to be successful when you’ve taken time to identify what you want to do and when you want to do it. A marketing plan will also help to keep you focused and ensure you make the most of your time and money. When writing a plan the four main areas you need to focus on are:

  • Where are you now?
  • Where do you want to be?
  • How can you get there?
  • Evaluation

Club Matters, an initiative developed by Sport England, have a section on their website which identifies how to promote your club and activities including suggestions on marketing strategies and an online module you can complete to help provide you with a better understanding of the topic. The website can be accessed here: http://www.sportenglandclubmatters.com/home/club-promotion/

Please watch our ‘How to Market Your Sportivate project’ Webinar for more information about how you can effectively market your Sportivate sessions in order to engage more young people.

Useful hints and tips

Know your audience

Take time to identify the people you are targeting and where they ‘hang out’. If your project is targeting inactive mums then you would look to promote your activities where mums are likely to be – schools, children’s centres, local shops etc. By knowing who you want to target, you can then ensure your marketing is tailored to attract that audience.

Note: Make sure that everything you send out has a ‘Call to Action’ on it. For example, visit your website, email Jane Doe for more information or call Joe Blogs on a number, this way you will be able to monitor how effective your material has been.

Marketing material

To help make marketing easy, Living Sport have developed an online Web2Print portal. Free to register, the portal provides a selection of templates that can be adaptable through colour, imagery and logos. There are templates for single activities, multi date activities, postcards and trifolds. There is already a selection of images on the portal for you to choose from, or you can upload your own.

Products are tax-free although there is a delivery cost. However, for only £10 you can also download your template which enables you to print elsewhere and email to members to share across social media networks. The Web2print portal can be accessed here: http://www.youronlineportal.co.uk/custom/livingsport/

By knowing who your audience is you can make sure the marketing material you produce appeals to them– such as making sure the image you use mirrors the people you are trying to engage with.

Where to display your marketing

Once you have identified your audience, you then need to ensure your marketing material is on display at the venues they are most likely to visit. Suggestions of locations are below:

  • Youth Clubs
  • Leisure Centres/Sports Grounds
  • Community Centres
  • Children Centres
  • Women’s Institute
  • School noticeboards
  • Newsagents
  • Sports shops/retailers
  • Online groups
  • Local magazines/newsletters

Social media – Twitter

You cannot escape social media – it’s everywhere! Twitter and Facebook are the two most popular platforms and are a great way to convey your message to people.

Twitter is a succinct way of keeping people updated with what’s going on especially as your message has to be within 140 characters. You can also like other twitter pages – such as your local National Governing Body, schools, sports centres, local media, celebrity sports performers etc which enables you to share information you think your followers would be interested in.

You can also ‘tag’ people to your tweets with their twitter handle and ask them to retweet (RT) to help promote your activities to a wider audience. We would like as many Sportivate deliverers as possible to tag Living Sport (@Living_Sport) in tweets about their Sportivate projects so we can see what great work is going on across the county.

Another useful tip is to use hashtags – these are basically search terms. So if someone was interested in archery sessions they may go onto Twitter and search #archery and all tweets with that word would come up – again this could result in your tweet reaching a wider audience.

Tweet example:

New #sportivate #archery sessions start on 12th Sept @Voyager_Academy. All abilities welcome. Visit www.playarchery.co.uk for more info. Thanks @Living_Sport!

Note: People don’t engage equally with every tweet, however adding a photo to your tweet can boost retweets by an impressive 35%.

Social media – Facebook

In a new survey conducted in September 2014, the Pew Research Center found that Facebook remains by far the most popular social media site with popular users ranging from 18 to 65!

Facebook is a “one-stop shop” for entertainment, communication, and sharing of information with others. It provides you with much more opportunity to post more detailed and engaging content and is one of the few online platforms that allow you to chat with your audience, comment and post on other pages that you have liked and advertise your club. There is also advertising opportunities through Facebook for as little as £3.00 a day!

Note: Photos are the most engaging type of content on Facebook and can achieve up to an 87% interaction rate from your followers.

If you would like any further support regarding your Sportivate project then please contact Tom Harwood Telephone: 01487 849913, Email: Sportivate@livingsport.co.uk

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