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Monitoring & Evaluating

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This information is directed at successful applicants who will be delivering a Sportivate project between April 2016 and March 2017.

Once you have secured Sportivate funding, you will be asked to monitor and evaluate your project. This is a vital part of any Sportivate project as it allows us to show the impact of the supported sessions.

The following paperwork will be sent to deliverers before the start of their project(s).

  • Sportivate Registration Forms

All deliverers must ensure that all participating young people attending their Sportivate project complete a Sportivate Registration Form.

  • Hand-out for Participants (data protection)

This form needs to be passed onto all participants as it supports the participant registration form. The hand-out states:

  • How Sport England will use the information about the participant
  • How Sport England will use the participants contact details
  • Data protection note for deliverers

This information will help the providers of sports activities to meet their legal obligations concerning the collection and use of personal data provided by people taking part in activities.

Sportivate Online Portal

Living Sport will add your project on to the Sportivate online portal to provide access to the reporting tool. All participant details and their attendance must be recorded on the portal. Further guidance and support can be gained from Living Sport by contacting Tom Harwood Telephone: 01487 849913, Email: Sportivate@livingsport.co.uk

Living Sport will be hosting specialist Sportivate Portal Webinars in April 2016 to give new deliverers an opportunity to view how the Sportivate portal works, to make the reporting process as easy as possible. Please see our 2016/17 Key dates and terms sheet, below, for the dates for the webinars and other key dates for your Sportivate diary.

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