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V:IP Delivery Plan

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What will be delivered as part of this Volunteers: Important People (V:IP) programme? The answer is an integrated training and development programme with 4 strands working in collaboration with a number of partners alongside volunteer recognition in local media as depicted below.

1. Healthy Clubs

Working closely with the Cambridgeshire County Council Public Health team and Everyone Health* Living Sport will develop a new training programme for volunteers in Sports Clubs to support members who have health conditions. This programme will operate below formal Exercise Referral Schemes but, by training the Sports Club volunteers, it will help them to understand the issues, put in place the right procedures and therefore be better able to receive people into their club whether they self-refer or are referred by the health professional as a means of improving their health and lifestyle.

* Everyone Health are responsible for delivering the new Cambridgeshire County Council £4.5m Lifestyles Service, including Health Check Services, Health Trainers and Child Weight Management Services

2. Volunteer training and recruitment in partnership with CVS

We will be working closely with our 4 Councils for Voluntary Service and their linked Volunteer Centres (CVS) to organise and deliver an integrated education and training programme for volunteers. We will be engaging with Sports Clubs, Sports Centres and the sporting workforce; while the CVS will be working with other voluntary sector organisations. A 2016-2017 training programme will be established and widely publicised from the results of consultation with all partners. Living Sport’s online booking system will be utilised to efficiently deliver the education and training programme bookings. The integrated working will also include promoting, staffing and carrying out the monitoring and evaluation of the programme.

3. FE / HE student community sport volunteering placements.

Living Sport will support the development of a year-long volunteer placement programme for students starting with Cambridge Regional College (CRC) and Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) working with local Sports Clubs across the whole of their club operations. Placements will be available in coaching, officiating and committee roles with students given support through mentoring from club personnel, with the opportunity to gain high quality experiences that will be lead to achieve qualifications in their chosen field where appropriate.

4. V:IP Monthly Awards

In 2016, Living Sport intends to engage with local media partners to recognise and run a monthly feature on sports volunteering through 2016 including a monthly V:IP Award to some very important people. This part of the project will be the final piece of the jigsaw that will recognise existing volunteers but also the work of the 3 strands of the project and bring all areas together.

If you are interested in finding out more then please contact Rebecca Gilbertson on 01487 849929 or email Rebecca.gilbertson@livingsport.co.uk

Take a look at our forthcoming workshops for Healthy Clubs, upskilling sport club personnel and coaches on common long term conditions that members  or new members could present with. The 3 hour Workshops are FREE this year and each take a look at Mental Health, Arthritis, Diabetes and Heart Disease. Booking for any of the workshops can be done online through our booking system.

Flyer for Courses Sept – Nov 16

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