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The Daily Mile Resources

Welcome to our resources section of The Daily Mile. These are only available for download to registered schools in the county.  They are designed to support your delivery and development of The Daily Mile.

LATEST RESOURCE - Miles for Medals Challenge
Encourage your children to get outside and keep active in the winter months with our exciting Miles for Medals Challenge supporting our Daily Mile Local Champion for Cambs & Peterborough, double Paralympian Sam Ruddock. Follow his journey to the Tokyo Paralympics and help him to reach the podium!

The Resources:
Teacher’s Information – everything you need to know about the challenge
Children’s Classroom Poster – a poster to display in the classroom for the children
Wall Track – to display on a central point within the school
Sam Counters – counters to move along the track
Sam Fact Sheet – get to know more about Sam with our fact sheet

Sam’s video messages:
Introductory video – Here’s Sam introducing the Miles for Medals Challenge

London Landmark Tracker
Support the London Marathon by using our new London Landmark resource.  Capture the enthusiasm of the London Marathon with your children by doing a tour of London’s famous landmarks. The A3 map has 17 landmarks, so takes 6  weeks (a half-term) if you do The Daily Mile 3 times a week. Just  tick off a location each day in order to complete a loop of London’s famous landmarks. Download the London Landmarks Tracker.

Why not add in your own intra-school challenge using the resource, i.e. which class does the most miles whilst visiting the landmarks?

The Daily Mile Assembly Resource
This is a game based interactive resource, ideal for introducing The Daily Mile to the children!  It also includes a link to the county video of The Daily Mile with Paralympian Lauren Steadman. Download Living Sport Children’s Assembly.

The Daily Mile Certificates
These have been created by The Daily Mile Foundation and are a great incentive for children and can be edited for 7 different categories:

  • Most Enthusiastic Pupil
  • Most Determined Pupil
  • Most Supportive Pupil
  • Most Improved Pupil
  • Most Dedicated Pupil
  • Most Sociable Pupil
  • Happiest Pupil

 They can be downloaded here, as well as at www.thedailymile.co.uk

The Daily Mile Core Principles
These provide guidance on best practice for introducing The Daily Mile and have been proven to really help embed delivery into the school day.  They can be downloaded here as well as on The Daily Mile website.

The Benefits of Physical Activity
This is a new resource produced by The Daily Mile Foundation which is great for demonstrating how regularly taking part in The Daily Mile impacts upon children’s physical health, mental health and well-being, and their learning evidenced through research.  Download a copy here.

The Daily Mile Refresh Ideas
Want some fresh ideas around The Daily Mile to give your staff and children a boost? These concept ideas can be dipped into as and when needed.

The Daily Mile Christmas Challenge –  Laps to Lapland
This an exciting new resource in the countdown to Christmas to support The Daily Mile.  Track the journey from your school to Lapland using the resources provided. Get your reindeer back to the North Pole in time for Christmas!

How does it work?
Simply search how many miles it is from your school to Lapland – don’t worry if it seems impossible!
With the simple formula below, everyone can get there using their ‘map-miles’ equivalent. Get your children to help work it out:
(a)    Miles from school to Lapland
(b)   Number of school days left in the term
(c)    a / b = the number of ‘Map Miles’ that each Daily Mile counts for  (1 collective Daily Mile completed = 1 map-mile)
(d)   Set as a school or a class challenge

The Resources
- An electronic version of the ‘Laps to Lapland’ wall map to print to the size of your choice, with space to put in milestones along the way. Download Laps to Lapland Map.
– Santa’s Instruction Card for the children and a separate electronic reindeer to be named by the children & move up the map as Daily Miles are completed. Download Laps to Lapland info and reindeer.

The Daily Mile Calendar
The Foundation has created a fabulous Daily Mile Calendar for all schools that are registered to The Daily Mile, which you are able to download here. Living Sport have also created an A2 sized laminate dry wipe version of this calendar which we will be delivering to schools this term and hope that you will find this a useful and interactive resource.


The Daily Mile in the Community
Have you heard of Junior parkrun?  These are a great chance for your keen runners to take The Daily Mile to the next step!

  • They are a 2k event for juniors only (4-14 year olds). They are open to everyone; they are free, safe and easy to take part in.
  • For further details of a Junior Parkrun near you click here: Junior Parkrun Information

The Daily Mile Case Studies
Find out how the following schools have implemented The Daily Mile into the school day and the impact it has had on the school staff, the children and their families.

Bury CofE Primary School
Winyates School
Samuel Pepys School

Take a look here at how primary schools across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough ran The Daily Mile in support of Global Running Day on the 6th June 2019.


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