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Photography & Videoing

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All photography and videoing needs to comply with a club/organisation child protection policy.

There is evidence that certain individuals are known to visit sports events/activities to take inappropriate photographs or video footage, sport people (including young and disabled participants) in vulnerable positions. All coaches should be vigilant about this possibility. Any concerns during an event should be reported to a designated child protection/welfare officer or other responsible person.

Videoing as a coaching aid

Video can be a legitimate coaching aid for club coaches and teachers. However, if it is used make sure that children and their parents/carers consent and understand that it is part of the coaching programme. Make sure that the films are then stored safely.

Consent for taking photographs or videos should be obtained from parents/carers in writing in advance.

Who can I contact if I have any Questions or Concerns?

Sports organisations should have a designated child protection/welfare officer. They are the first point of contact if you have any concerns, alternatively you can contact the sports National Governing Body Child Protection Officer. Details of National Governing Body Child Protection Officers can be found here

If you want to talk over any concerns with someone outside your club/organisation you can contact the Child Protection in Sport Unit, NSPCC helpline or ChildLine.

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