Walk & Talk

As the Autumn weather and scenes come into our lives, it’s going to take a bit more oomph to go outside regularly.

It’s not a new concept – but one that fits well with our current situation, where many of us are working from home and meeting indoors with colleagues, partners, collaborators is not an option.

We need to meet, for our own mental wellbeing but also to continue to be creative and productive. In fact, studies have shown that walking boosts creative output by about 60%.

We need to move more - sedentary workers are at significantly greater risk of dying prematurely; inactivity and the resulting underlying health conditions have been noted as a cause of worse outcomes from Covid-19 and indeed being active can increase immunity.

Not all meetings are suited to a walking one – if it is formal, private, or sensitive, it’s probably not appropriate but they are perfect for exploring mutual objectives or getting to know each other better.

Here are a few ideas to making sure your walking meetings are successful.

1: Agree in advance that you’ll be walking and talking

2: Plan a route that will take the amount of time required

3: Dress appropriately

4: Small Groups work best 2-4 people; or walk in pairs

5: What’s on the agenda?

6: Use your phone to take a few notes and then write up and action soon after


Kelly Vickers

Head of Business Development

[email protected]