At Living Sport, we're always happy to talk events - whether you're interested in hosting your own, or supporting ours!

  • Sponsored Competitions (races, duathlons, triathlons)
  • Bespoke Organisational Events
  • Inter-organisational Competitions
  • Family Activity Days
  • Old School Sports Days
  • Wildgoose Activity Trails
  • Any other activity you can think of!

Wildgoose trail

Wildgoose Activity Trails

Our Wildgoose platform can deliver educational, fun activities with purpose to support brand activation and seasonal activities. These can include team building events, social engagements, and workplace orientation.

Our trails can provide a unique and entertaining experience which can be developed with specific objectives in mind and provide measurable results and insightful outcomes. You can monitor engagement and interest for each of the hotspots you designate, and track locations, artefacts or points of interest that are most popular with your audience. Hotspots are your selected ‘points of interest’ in which the consumer will travel to in order to unlock your designed questions/challenges

This is a technology-fuelled engagement tool that can breathe creativity and life into your existing content and programmes!

If you'd like to find out more about our trails, contact [email protected]