Spring Challenge 2021: Climbing Mount Mile (for schools as well as children at home)

Set off from base camp: Friday 5th February (or later)

Reach the summit by: Friday 28th May (for the chance to be entered into our prize draw)

Join us along with other schools and families across the county in an expedition up Mount Mile! Launching during Children and Young People’s Mental Health Awareness Week on 5th of February. Unlock wellbeing focused rewards and resources along the way which will help teachers and children, as you travel up the mountain by doing your Daily Mile. All schools who reach the summit by the end of the challenge (May 28th) will be entered into a draw to win a live Q & A session (either in person or virtually) with our The Daily Mile Local Champion, Paralympian, Sam Ruddock.  Individual children who enter from home will also be able to unlock rewards and will be entered into a prize draw.

Sign up for schools to Climb Mount Mile can be found here.

Sign up for individual children at home for Mount Mile will shortly be found here.