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Develop your Coaching

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Living Sport run a programme of courses designed to develop, up skill and refresh you, the active coaches on the ground. In order to make sure we are meeting your needs, we want to hear from YOU as to which courses you want, would value, have heard about or can’t get on to elsewhere!

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Events

We know how important continuous professional development is to you as a coach. Our role is to listen to the coaches of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough and understand what you would like to know more about. We can offer a wide range of CPD events to those who are keen to develop their coaching knowledge. If you have any ideas for CPD events or workshops that are important to you, please get in contact with us. Telephone: 01487841559, Email: info@livingsport.co.uk. To view our current CPD events, please visit our Events & Courses page for further details.

NGB Qualifications

In order to become a coach, it is important to gain a relevant qualification. Each National Governing Body (NGB) of sport develops and runs coaching courses in conjunction with the UKCC to ensure the quality of their courses. The UKCC works with NGBs to supports the development, endorsement and continuous improvement of governing body of sport coach-education programmes.

Please be well aware that having a UKCC Level 1 and 2 isn’t the be all and end all! You can still get into coaching with an Activator, Leader Award or Support Worker qualification. Currently you can only be classed as ‘Lead Coach’ with a level 2 but you will make a great Support Coach!


Living Sport has a number of Sportplan licences for coaches in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. Sportplan is an online coaching tool that allows you to view session ideas, create you own sessions and chat to other coaches through the Living Sport forum. We are offering a licence valid until November 2018 for just £12. For further information about the Sportplan licences, please contact Claire Thorby at claire.thorby@livingsport.co.uk. sportplan

Talent Coaching

We want to support every type of coach here at Living Sport and we can’t forget about those looking at talented athletes. We have also introduced our ‘Talent Base – Cambridgeshire & Peterborough’ Facebook group. Here we have discussions on topics of interest, post coaching experiences, receive information in regards to talent, and much more. If you are interested in joining Talent Base, please click HERE.Talent Base Logo - FB



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