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Since Sport and Physical Activity began volunteers have played a crucial role in the sector. Their support in a variety of roles, from coaches to tea makers, chairman to social secretaries enables us to experience such a wide range of activity, and importantly keeps it accessible and affordable. The scale of volunteering is huge, with 6.6 million adults volunteering across England last year, 112,200 of these were in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

However our Training Needs Analysis Survey found that 75% of clubs cited lack of volunteers as an issue, whilst volunteers in the Sport sector are more likely than any other volunteer to wish to reduce hours or drop out all together. We want to change that, we want to help clubs recruit more volunteers, and ensure that volunteers feel the benefits they can achieve, such as the improvements to social and mental wellbeing, or developing new skills.

For clubs and organisations looking for further information on volunteering we signpost people towards the Sport England Club Matters resource. Club matters can provide information on various topics, for example finance management, club management and marketing. It can also provide information on how to recruit volunteers and ensure they receive the best experience possible. If there is demand we can help organise a Club Matters workshop. To visit the Club Matters website please click here.

Are you interested in volunteering?

There is a wide variety of volunteering roles and hundreds of Sports clubs and organisations that would love to have your support should you decide to volunteer. They will help and support you, whilst some clubs will fund courses to develop your ability and skills to perform the role.

At Living Sport we rely on volunteers to support our events programme. These events raise vital funds for charity programmes within the area, as well as offering people the chance to achieve a goal or target. For more information please contact Tom.Oliver@LivingSport.co.uk.

If you are looking for other volunteering roles within the Sports Sector then feel free to contact us. Alternatively www.do-it.org is an online database of opportunities updated by local volunteer centres. You can also find volunteering opportunities on https://vinspired.com/, who also offer a grants programme to those looking to start a project in their community.

We know exactly how important volunteers are to the Sport and Physical Activity sector, be it the coaches or the tea makers, the drivers or the referees, volunteers are the people who make Sport run. Therefore if you have any questions, want more advice or support with volunteering or a volunteer programme then please get in touch with our volunteer lead, Tom Oliver, at Tom.Oliver@LivingSport.co.uk

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