Going above and beyond normal responsibilities, this award recognises their hard work, dedication and outstanding contribution to their club, sport or physical activity. 

Nominated coaches must hold a current, recognised coaching qualification and where applicable a National Governing Body of Sport (NGB) licence. 

In the absence of formal coaching since March 2020, nominees for this category will be considered against the following criteria: 

  • Supported their performers, whether individuals or teams, through online activity and regular communications, with a positive and encouraging attitude that has inspired and motivated others.
  • Demonstrated passion and commitment – possibly to further study for personal development, support/mentoring of other coaches through challenging times or future planning to support the return to activity.


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Nominations close - 5pm, Friday 9th October

Previous Winners - Coach of the Year Award

2019 Andy Matson - Various
2018 Gill Stevens - Netball
2017 Ben Howells - Gymnastics
2016 Ian Offers - Ice Hockey
2015 Laura Bevis - Swimming