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Competitions for Schools

For a number of years the Ability PLUS group has organised a series of school competitions or ‘PLUS’ competitions for young people with additional needs ensuring that everyone has opportunities to participate. Some of the PLUS competitions are now integrated into the School Games programme of competitions at Level 2 and Level 3. The School Games also has ‘Aspire’ and ‘Inclusive’ competitions alongside the PLUS and mainstream competitions.

Disability CricketSome sports follow competition formats and others a festival type with skills and challenges. The competitions are organised by National Governing Bodies (NGB’s) and local clubs & coaches, who not only talent spot but also ensure that there are opportunities for participants to continue the sport in the community.

There are currently 8 competitions for those with a range of impairments included within the School Games programme.

PLUS competitions are for pupils predominately from Special Schools that may have number of impairments that are towards the severe end of the spectrum, this could be a combination of physical, learning or sensory.  The nature of impairments means that they can not compete in a standard competition format. They require assistance and support to carry out instructions / actions during the activities. Pupils performing at National Curriculum level 1/2 would be at the top of the range.

Aspire Competitions are for pupils predominately in mainstream schools who have a recognised SEN/D or additional needs. Pupils maybe in a lower ability PE group and would not be able to compete in a standard school team. Pupils could have physical, learning or sensory impairments. For more information visit the School Games pages on the Living Sport website.

The Ability PLUS group also support the Lord Taverners U19 Boccia & Table Cricket competitions, as well as FA’s ParAbility Football. South Cambs District Council run an Indoor Athletics PLUS and an Outdoor PLUS competitions outside of the School Games. For more information on the competitions outside of the School Games please contact the following for information:

Lord Taverners U19 Boccia: Rebecca Evans rebecca.evans@livingsport.co.uk

Lord Taverners U19 Table Cricket: Richard Hill Richard.hill@cambscricket.org.uk

FA’s ParAbility Football Special Schools League: Ashley Dean ashley.dean@cambridgeshirefa.com

Indoor and Outdoor Athletics PLUS: Helen Stepney helen.stepney@scambs.gov.uk

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