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Healthy Clubs Workshops

Dates of the upcoming Healthy Clubs Workshops

Whatever our age, we all know that being physically active helps us to lead healthier lives.

Would you know how to welcome a new member to your club who had heart disease, diabetes or arthritis?

Our healthy clubs workshops start next month, which are designed to give sports club coaches, volunteers and instructors an in depth understanding of long term medical conditions, how they affect someone exercising and how coaches can adapt sessions to suit the participants.

Our first two workshops coming up are:

1 May – Understanding Heart Disease – Hampton Library and Leisure Centre. Click here for further information.

11 June – Understanding Diabetes – Somersham Sports Facility. Click here for further information.

The courses will focus on the benefits of physical activity in risk reduction and management of the condition, the exercise prescription framework and health and safety considerations.

To book:



For further information, please contact Sally Gibson: sally.gibson@livingsport.co.uk

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