The Original Walk & Talk

2021 Cambridge Netwalking events: 
**Sadly on hold**

Our popular informal netwalking events attract businesses of all sizes from a wide range of industry sectors and most importantly, they’re free to attend. 

When we can host them safely, netwalking events ares free to attend, usually take place  from 5pm -7pm and consists of a gentle 2km walk.

Walks can be hosted in various places in Cambridgeshire, ending with light refreshments.                  

The aim of these events are to bring together a variety of businesses and organisations from Cambridgeshire and Peterborough so that we can not only share the good work that Living Sport does but also provide a platform for collaboration and partnerships across the county.

these events provide the chance to connect with new business contacts, share knowledge and skills with like-minded professionals and catch up with familiar acquaintances, whilst taking some gentle exercise and being outside.

You will also meet Living Sport staff so if your company is considering working with us, it will be the ideal opportunity to ask about the benefits of becoming a sponsor, volunteer or partner and discover what you can expect to gain from joining our organisation.

If you would like to know more then please contact [email protected]