Coronavirus has affected everyone’s lives over the last few months, and this can be difficult to deal with, particularly as we are living through a period of change and uncertainty.

The impact on young people has been immense, with exams cancelled, not being able to meet friends and feeling unsafe and unsure about the pandemic.

Through our support to young people, we are committed to working with partners to assist with the transition back to some kind of “new normal” for teenagers and we are working with Mindfit for All, an organisation whose main aims are to support young people with their mental health through physical activity interventions.

They have produced a series of workout sessions for young people to access aiming to develop their resilience, with a theme each week:

You can view the introduction Mindfit For All Introduction

Week 1: Positive Mindset – Changing Perspective

Mindfit For All Session One

Week 2: Identifying and utilising personal strengths

Week 3: Practising gratitude and “living in the moment”

Week 4: Managing emotions

Week 5: Problem solving

Week 6: Setting and achieving goals

The videos can be accessed at any time and form part of a young people’s campaign linked to positive messages around physical activity and maintaining a positive mindset. Physical activity can have such a positive impact on mental health through reducing stress, improving sleep, improving mood and lifting self esteem.