This summer Living Sport Partnerships Manager, Rebecca Evans, is taking part in the Superhero Series At Home Superheroes challenge powered by Marvel. 
Superheroes Series is the UK’s one and only disability sports series. Between 17th July and 14th August Rebecca has joined thousands of individuals and teams who are clocking up kilometres virtually in this nationwide challenge. Participants can take part in any way they like - from cycling to swimming, wheeling to skating or using their senses towards their mission.  
Living Sport is an official Charity Friend of the Superhero Series and has offered free fundraising places to individuals and charities throughout Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. All funds raised through the Living Sport places will go directly to our disability work in the county. We work across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough empowering disabled people to be active, however they want.  
Leading by example, Rebecca is taking part in the challenge to support the fundraising initiative. She has set herself the task of completing a double marathon distance (85km) in her day chair during the month-long challenge.  

We are coming to the end of week two on the month-long challenge and Rebecca has made a fabulous start to her challenge, managing to complete a half marathon distance by day seven and on course to complete the first marathon by the end of week two covering 42Km in distance.  

Rebecca said “It has been tough in places; pavements are not a wheelchair users’ friend sometimes and this makes it particularly difficult when I haven’t felt like going out every day to push again and have began to feel the pain in my shoulders particularly. But I am really pleased to say that I have made it out every day, doing distances of 1.5k – 3k each day depending on time and weather, alongside doing a longer push per week at weekends which have been 8.6K and 8K respectively, enough to reward myself with a day off each week!” 

“Having this challenge and knowing I am doing this for Living Sport has kept me going, I have reached my initial fundraising target already, thanks to some great supporters, I really am grateful for. It has also enabled me to demonstrate that however much you do; doing something every day builds up to a bigger amount. Some pushes have been slower than others but it has all counted! With a bit of planning, I have managed to fit all the pushes I have done around my normal everyday busy life and working full time. One thing I have most enjoyed was using the challenge as an excuse to see the Cows About Cambridge and explore Cambridge in a way I have never done before and covered 8.6k over a couple of hours on a really hot day without really noticing the distance we were covering, and it was great fun” 

“We have also managed to use Nene Park for another of the longer pushes, something we do occasionally, but has made me want to do more often to enjoy the beautiful surroundings we are so lucky to live near and have an excuse to get out and about” 
Rebecca has had Cerebral Palsy from birth and has experienced first-hand the power of sport to change lives. In her case, swimming created many opportunities for day-to-day fitness as well as competition. Participating in sport has provided Rebecca with many benefits including confidence, resilience, academic achievement, life skills and a career. Not forgetting lifelong friends.  

Every At Home Superheroes participant is entered in one of six super teams – each with its own Marvel theme and led by a Celebrity Team Captain – to race a combined total of 55,553km. Rebecca has been placed in Team Black Panther and the Celebrity Team Captain is Lee Ridley, Comedian & Writer AKA Lost Voice Guy. Lee blew us away to win Britain’s Got Talent in 2019.The teams will race each other virtually to some of the world’s most sought-after travel destinations with progress tracked on the mission’s Super World Map.  

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