G-Whizz is a new inclusive tandem cycling club set up by Graham Davies, who lives in Sawtry. He established the club in 2021 in memory of his best friend Sharyn who loved to ride. G-Whizz offers inclusive tandem bike rides giving cycling experiences to a range of cyclists. The bikes include standard and semi-recumbent sitting positions and independent pedalling systems, on-road rides are available to non-disabled, visually impaired, limited mobility and impaired balance cyclists. Rides can range from a few miles to many miles, including overnight stays, depending on the ability of the rider.

Graham, the founder of G-Whizz says “Sharyn loved singing and cycling - sometimes at the same time! but when Sharyn discovered a lump at the age of 46, that made sitting on a saddle just too uncomfortable, the singing stopped. A diagnosis rapidly followed with the awful news that Sharyn had terminal cancer. Determined to ride once more, we came across a Circe Morpheus tandem, which features a bench seat, a semi-recumbent sitting position and an independent pedalling system which enabled us to enjoy three final rides, one of which was around Derwent Water in the Lakes.”

“Sharyn wasn't best pleased that money was spent on something that had a very limited purpose and so I promised to put the bike to good future use. And so, with the untimely passing of Sharyn, just a few months from diagnosis, this club was born. The Circe tandem allows me to take able bodied riders and those with certain disabilities including limited mobility and balance issues. My other standard tandem has proved most popular with non-disabled and visually impaired cyclists with whom I have enjoyed rides of up to 150 miles so far with an overnight stay. Having all the governance required, I’m also getting NHS referrals, where it’s felt somebody could benefit from a bike ride.”

If you fancy having a go or if you are or know an experienced cyclist who fancies joining Graham to occasionally pilot a tandem, he would be delighted to hear from you. Check out the G-Whizz Facebook page for more information or contact Graham Davies [email protected].