Despite all the challenges faced by the pandemic Thongsley Fields Primary and Nursery School has kept its eye on the goal of providing as many opportunities as possible to keep its community healthy. Earlier this year they took on The Daily Mile Spring Challenge, co-ordinated by Living Sport, to virtually navigate “Mount Mile”. This involved the children of each class working hard to reach the peak through doing The Daily Miles. The Daily Mile™ is an international initiative, which helps schools to embed physical activity into their everyday routine.

When Mount Mile started in February, the school went to amazing efforts to co-ordinate and encourage children at both home and school to take the daily required exercise. The hard work paid off as Thongsley triumphantly reached the summit in time to be entered into the prize draw and won a question and answer session with Paralympian and Living Sport Ambassador, Sam Ruddock. The challenge kept the children connected through a team challenge, so whether they were taking part at home or in school, their dedication and enthusiasm mattered and helped them reach the top!

Deputy Head, Lauren West said:  

"The pupils really enjoying it and it helped to keep the school community feeling by joining those pupils we had in school to those pupils working remotely all working together on the same task. I have had really positive feedback particularly from our Key Stage 1 teachers, they have found the challenge a useful tool to keep pupils in school motivated."

On Friday 25th of June, The Daily Mile Local Coordinators at Living Sport, Anna O’Leary and Alana Lawes, visited the school, with Paralympian Sam Ruddock to deliver their prize. Sam spent the morning with children from Years 1 to 6, doing the question and answer session. The children had taken some time to research Sam’s background and asked fantastic questions about his athletics and cycling career as well as questions on nutrition and sleep. He also managed to join Year 5 and 6 running their Daily Mile.

We w
ere lucky enough to link the day with Thongsley Fields Primary and Nursery School being awarded their Healthy Schools Bronze award, for their dedication and hard work embedding physical activity, mental wellbeing and nutrition into their everyday school life. For this, Joanne Howling from the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Healthy Schools Service and Amy Hall, The Children’s Commissioning Manager for Public Health, joined us for the morning and along with Sam, presented the School Council with the award.  

It was a fantastic morning celebrating all the hard work of the staff and children during this tricky school year.