Last week, Living Sport was proud to be involved with Virtual School Games.

A ‘switch-it-up’ focus on supporting schools with virtual challenges to encourage children to be active at home instead of traditional sports days was well received!

Working with the Cambridgeshire’s School Games organisers, a range of challenges were created, with some competitions and prizes - these were shared with schools and parents, with the aim to engage children in learning through sport.

Medals were awarded for keepy-uppies on a tennis racquet, rallies with a partner, a speed bounce and standing long jump – and a lot of fun was had!

Ben Spowage, a teacher at Welbourne Primary said that the children thoroughly enjoyed being involved in the virtual school games. The bubbles at school enjoyed the activities and there was also participation from children at home.

Holly Baumber from All Saints Primary said that ten Year 6 pupils took part and had even planned their activities with their Sports Coach, Sean. The day started with a TikTok dance and then continued outside with The Daily Mile, cricket and hurdles challenges, amongst others. 

“At the end of the day there was a great closing ceremony, and everyone went home very tired! It was a great event and we were proud to take 3rd Place!”

Heather Munro was the proud winner of a tennis racket, which she plans to use for lessons now, according to her father, Ewan Munro, who wrote to tell the team.

A great day by all accounts – with thanks to Sam Ruddock, for opening and closing proceedings on Twitter.


Winners of Virtual School Games