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None to Run Goes From Strength to Strength in Ramsey

Picture of the None to Run Ramsey group

‘None to Run’ is a new programme supported through the Lets Get Moving Cambridgeshire programme and has been a huge success in Ramsey. The Huntingdonshire locality coordinator was approached by an instructor in Ramsey about how she could go about setting up a running club. Lets Get Moving Cambridgeshire funded her to go on a LIRF (Leadership in Running Fitness) course, and subsequently, ‘None to Run’ was set up. 16 people started the course with an excellent success rate of completers. Throughout the summer, the instructor is running a ‘casual running group’, and will run another course once the schools have gone back.

Here are a couple of comments from participants…

“Brilliant group! Can’t thank Jill and Charlie enough. I did the first group which began in April. After struggling with 30 second run intervals at the start, I’m now running 5km each week. I would highly recommend it whatever your ability as I was a total non-runner. An added bonus is being with other people and making friends!! Just go for it, you won’t be disappointed”

“I took part in the None To Run group which started in April. I used to tell people “I can’t run”, or “I hate running”, whilst secretly thinking I wish I could run! Five months on I run three times a week, more if I can!! Most importantly I want to get out and run, and I enjoy every step!

I’m so thankful to Jill and Charlie for giving me the confidence to run in public! The support from the group was incredible, I feel we all went on a life changing journey together”

Let’s Get Moving Cambridgeshire is a Cambridge County Council funded programme, aiming to improve the health of the Cambridgeshire population, specifically by increasing levels of physical activity. This will be done by promoting existing opportunitiesdeveloping new opportunities, and supporting individuals that require support to achieve their goals. You can find further information on the Let’s Get Moving Cambridgeshire website here.

A district coordinator will lead on Let’s Get Moving Cambridgeshire in each of the Cambridgeshire districts; providing support to individuals, communities, clubs and other organisations in order to develop accessible opportunities and engagement in physical activity. You can find out more about the district coordinators by clicking here.

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