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Active All Ages

Active All Ages is a new campaign that Living Sport are developing which looks to inspire those aged 50+ to participate and volunteer in sport and physical activity within their local community.

The aim of the campaign is to create healthier and more active communities and is supported by a Facebook Page. More details will be published as the Active All Ages programme develops.

One area we can offer support in is delivering Funtional Fitness MOT’s to those over 60, The MOT will take you through a variety of tests that will give you an indication of your exercise performance.  Each test comes with a set of “normal values” for people of different ages and this will give you an idea of whether you are “doing well” compared to your peers, or whether you could benefit from being more active to support everyday activities and a healthy lifestyle. By the end of the MOT you will discuss how active you should be and  be given some local activity opportunities that you might like to join in with and some “online” websites that will give you some more information. Any one interested in more information about Functional Fitness MOT’s for their event or group please get in contact with Rebecca Evans

If you or someone you know delivers activity for those aged 50+ or if you would be interested in developing this area within your club or organisation we would love to hear from you, to promote and support what you are doing.
To discuss project developments or to find out more please contact Rebecca Evans, Relationship Manager, Rebecca.Evans@livingsport.co.uk 01487 841559 ext 329

How active should you be? NEW CMO Guidelines adults and older adults

CMO guideline infographic



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