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Satellite Clubs

What are Satellite Clubs?

Satellite Clubs is a Sport England funded programme which has run from 2013 to date. These clubs aim to target young people aged 14-19 who aren’t currently active, particularly those who are in groups typically under-represented in sport. Satellite Clubs provide young people the opportunity to take part in sport and activity on a regular basis through the creation of enjoyable and convenient sessions that are designed around the needs of the young people to provide a positive experience of being active.

Satellite Clubs September 2019-2021

Individuals, groups, or organisations based in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough can apply for Satellite Club funding in order to initiate a new opportunity for inactive-fairly active, local young people. Funding will be provided to those groups who are successful in their EOI, attend the application workshop, and demonstrate the most effective use of funds. Successful applicants will need to apply for funding to host a new club targeting young people aged 14-19 who meet one or more of the criteria below;

  1. Young people with a disability/long term health condition (including mental health).
  2. BAME young people (Black & Ethnic Minority, including those classed as ‘White Other’).
  3. Young people located in area’s of high deprivation and those with high levels of obesity.

Clubs must run for a minimum of 30 weeks, and take place on a weekly or fortnightly basis to be deemed eligible.

If you are interested in finding out more about Satellite Clubs, or if you have any questions relating to Satellite Clubs then please contact Ashlea Smith: ashlea.smith@livingsport.co.uk or call 01487 841559 / 07921832548.

What if I do not fit the criteria above, but I require some funding for working with young people?

  • If you are an existing Satellite Club and you would like to develop some more club leaders/coaches to continue and support your delivery we have a new Workforce Bursary available (max £500 per club).
  • If you are a community club currently working with young people, and you would like to to expand your offer to engage inactive-fairly active 14-19 year olds you can apply for our new Marketing Bursary (max £250 per club).
  • In addition you can apply for Living Sport’s Community Small Grant (max £200 per club).
  • You can also apply for other local funding pots that may be suitable to your club. Please see the link here.

If you are interested in any of the bursaries, or alternative funding pots listed above contact Sally Gibson: sally.gibson@livingsport.co.uk or call 01487 841559 / 07395798377  

Take a look at some of our existing clubs and the impact that they have made through their Satellite Club delivery!

Click the links below to read some Satellite Club case studies.

Satellite Club Impact Video – Friday Night Football based at St John Fisher School in Peterborough

A new satellite boxing club opened in Yaxley in October 2018, you can find further information here.



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