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Our next workshop will take place at Compass House, CB5 8DZ between 6:30-9pm on the 18th March. You can register for this free event here.

Play With Pride was a National Lottery Awards for All funded project aiming to tackle homophobic behaviour and supporting LGBT+ young people within a sport and physical activity setting as a result of findings such as:

  • 56% of LGBT+ women are not active enough to maintain good health
  • 84% of gay men and 82% of gay women have experienced homophobic verbal slurs in sport settings
  • 85% of bisexual men and 67% of bisexual women under the age of 22 are not ‘out’ to anyone in their sports team.
  • 4/10 LGBT people don’t feel sport is welcoming.

Inequalities such as these show exactly why more work is needed to make Sport and Physical Activity inclusive for all. Sport and physical activity can enrich peoples lives in so many ways, boosting physical, mental and social wellbeing and bringing communities together. Play With Pride engaged members of the workforce to deliver more inclusive sessions by:

  • Upskilling sport coaches and clubs through training workshops delivered by the Kite Trust
  • Training young people to become ‘LGBT+ Leaders’.
  • Working alongside LGBT Leaders to visit local clubs and award a ‘Rainbow Rating’ to help gauge how well they catered for the LGBT+ community.
  • Delivering 2 ‘Play With Pride Sport Festivals’, raising awareness of physical activity offers and offering access to other LGBT+ support organisations and community groups.
  • Creating two LGBT+ activity clubs, led by young people and inclusive, qualified coaches.

Living Sport are delighted to be hosting a free Play With Pride coach education workshop in Cambridge on the 18th March 2020. The workshop will give a broad introduction to LGBT+ inclusion and then bring this to life with the use of physical activity related examples and case studies. The workshop will take place at Compass House, CB5 8DZ between 6:30-9pm. You can register for this free event here.

It is really important to remember that everyone can contribute towards making an inclusive club, it is not just the responsibility of one coach. There are a number of national campaigns that clubs and groups can support; June is Pride month, a fantastic opportunity to showcase LGBT+ inclusive stories. The Rainbow Laces Campaign runs every year, and is a fantastic celebration of inclusivity in sport.

For clubs and physical activity groups looking to be more LGBT+ inclusive there are a number of resources available:

Stonewall – Top tips for being an inclusive sports club

Stonewall – Top tips for using inclusive language

For those looking to be more trans inclusive, Gendered Intelligence have a comprehensive resource library available here.

If you have any questions, if we can support you or if you have any examples of good practice you would like to share then please get in contact with tom.oliver@livingsport.co.uk.

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