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Your Role as a Parent/Carer

Always ensure that young people that you are responsible for have:

  • The correct kit/equipment
  • A suitable drink when required
  • Sun cream if needed
  • Medication if required

If in doubt contact the club/organisation for specific requirements.

Always ensure that you:

  • Ask the appropriate questions to ensure that activities are safe and child friendly
  • Are aware of and act in accordance with the club/organisations code of conduct for parents/carers
  • Inform the coach of medical conditions/medication taken and remember to keep the coach up to date
  • Inform the coach of any disabilities or special requirements that your child has
  • Ensure that the club/organisation has emergency contact details
  • Drop off, and pick up your child at the correct times, as advised by the club/organisation
  • Talk to your child about the activity to ensure that they are enjoying it
  • Are aware of how and when to report a concern, allegation or disclosure about poor practice or possible abuse.

Always ensure that young people you are responsible for know and understand:

  • The club/organisations fair play charter and/or code of conduct for participants
  • Who they can talk to if they have any concerns

For any more information please contact Sarah Bateman on 01487 849921 or email sarah.bateman@livingsport.co.uk


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