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Coaching Delivery Checklist

Coaches/leaders must at all times place the well being and safety of the performer first, in doing so the following must be considered:

Do you know your participants?

As a coach/leader it is important that you have relevant details of participants which may affect their involvement in sport or physical activity; this could include any medical information of particular needs. Parents should be asked to complete a consent form where this information is provided along with emergency contact details.

Are you coaching in a safe environment, using safe equipment?

All coaches/leaders should undertake and document a risk assessment, or ensure a risk assessment has been undertaken prior to the delivery of activities.

Are you working within the recommended player/coach ratio?

The ratio of coaches to participants varies from sport to sport and should be based on:

  • The age and ability of the children involved.
  • The risk involved in the activity.
  • Needs of disabled young people in the group.
  • Contact your sports National Governing Body or employer for sport specific guidance.

Are your activities appropriate?

Coaches/leaders must ensure the activities they direct or advocate are appropriate for the age, maturity, experience and ability of the individual.

It is recommended that all coaches/leaders plan sessions in advance indentifying specific outcomes and appropriate activities in line with National Governing Body guidelines.

What are your coaching outcomes?

A number of organisations run sports activities to hit a range of outcomes, these include:

  • To increase participation levels.
  • To support the delivery of the National Curriculum.
  • To develop talented athletes.
  • To provide diversionary activities to tackle social agenda issues.
  • To promote and develop school – club links.

All coaches/leaders should be aware of their coaching outcomes and adopt their coaching accordingly taking into account factors which motivate participants.

Do you know what to do in case of an incident, accident, allegation, disclosure?

Coaches/leaders should be aware of, and follow, the policies and procedures of the deploying organisation or NGB, and have all the relevant reporting forms and emergency contact details available at all activities.

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